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Immune System Stimulants

Vitamin D supports the antibody side of the immune system and antibodies are vital. If you’re not confident in the strength of your immune system it might make sense to support it with vitamin D3, especially during an outbreak.   

There are a multitude of named brand immune system stimulants on the market.  These products are sometimes a combination of herbs and nutrients known to be immune system supportive. The following single supporters are sometimes mentioned in relationship to herpes.  

Pau D’Arco

Thought to be immune system stimulating, anti fungal and antiviral.


Antiviral as well as protects, stimulates and supports the immune system.


According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, echinacea enhances the immune system, reduces inflammation and has antiviral properties. It’s been used for centuries.

Pine Cone Extract

A study published in Anticancer Research stated that pine cone extract has antiviral properties against the herpes simplex virus.

Red Marine Algae

Research has found this to be antiviral and immune modulating.  

Rapid host immune response and viral dynamics in herpes simplex virus-2 infection.

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HSV Treatment With Supplements - 4