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If you find yourself depressed or getting down on yourself over all this, changing your thinking is an important part of managing your herpes outbreaks. Studies have shown that your immune system works better when you are not stressed out, depressed and greeting each day with negative, self defeating thoughts. That voice in your head can get relentlessly negative. But it is just a voice in your head.  

You can change what that voice says. It probably won’t be the easiest thing you’ve ever done and it won’t happen all at once. Your negative voice has a way of convincing you it has credibility, that what it’s telling you is true, so it takes time to believe that you can control those thoughts by exchanging them for positive thoughts about yourself. Life’s disappointments, rejections, heartaches, betrayals, and other people’s criticisms just add more fuel to our negative thinking. If we’ve been abused then it becomes an even greater challenge to change the abuser voice controlling those thoughts in our head to one of a supporter and protector.


It’s ok to need help getting your head together over all this. Counseling offers you someone to listen and help you work through the feelings so you can create new thoughts, tell a more positive story about yourself and deal with herpes in a better way. Counseling and/or support groups can be life changing.

You deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve to be happy. No one is perfect. We all have our regrets, our fears, and our insecurities. Everyone has a story to tell, but we don’t have to have the negative, hurtful side of the story taking over our lives. There is always a positive side. Counseling can help you find the positive side and believe in it.

Herpes support groups either locally or on the Internet can surround you with people who are dealing with similar issues and will support you while you are trying to get your thoughts together. Too often the people in our lives, because of their own issues, are not positive reinforcers. Rather, they add to the already negative talk in our heads. 6 Signs It May Be Time To Break Up With Your Friend. As you become more positive, the negative people will fall away and you will attract more positive people in your life.

Remember, 80-90% of people in this country carry some form of herpes. That’s most everybody. So, don’t let this virus destroy your quest for happiness. Deal with the virus so your outbreaks are few and far between and then get on with your life.

Change Your Thoughts