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Herpes, Lysine and Arginine
Arginine may be the reason you have a herpes outbreak soon after you’ve enjoyed a lot of chocolate or nuts. Arginine, is like candy to herpes, and chocolate and nuts have a lot of it.

Arginine is an amino acid produced by our bodies. Although it can play an important role in healing, it can do the opposite for people with the herpes virus if the arginine intake is higher than the lysine levels within the body.

The herpes virus lives to muliply itself and arginine helps the virus do this. If the amino acid lysine is present in the cells with arginine, it can trick the virus to use it instead of arginine, therefore stopping the replication of the virus. Lysine also helps you to deal with stress.

You can increase your lysine levels by eating foods higher in lysine than arginine or by taking supplements. Lysine (also called L-lysine) supplements usually come in 500 and 1000 mg tablets and capsules.