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High Arginine Foods



Nuts & Seeds

Wheat Products

Try not to drink coffee when you’re having a herpes outbreak. Caffeine increases the arginine levels in your body. Acidic foods have been found to stimulate an outbreak like alcohol, junk food, soft drinks, sugar, yeast and artificial sweeteners.

Alcohol also weakens the immune system which could trigger an outbreak. Some foods high in lysine like beef are acidic, but the high lysine content helps to neutralize the acidic element in reference to a herpes attack.

Before you eat foods like chocolate take a lysine supplement, eat some cheese or plain yogurt to reduce the imbalance of the high arginine/lysine ratio. All bodies are different so a lot of it is trial and error.

You don’t have to give up foods high in Arginine entirely. You just have to balance it out with lysine supplements or foods with a higher lysine to arginine ratio.