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What Causes a Herpes Outbreak
The herpes simplex 1 virus (hsv 1) oral herpes or oral labialis and herpes simplex 2 virus (hsv 2) or genital herpes, can be extremely uncomfortable. The outbreaks can be mild to severe and differ from one person to another.

You may wake up one morning ready to go about your day when you notice a tingling on your lip or on your buttocks totally unaware that you have a virus hiding in your nerve cells wanting to multiply and waiting for the right triggers.

There are many triggers that
can stimulate a herpes flare-up:
A weak immune system
a herpes friendly diet
wind, too much sun
too much alcohol
stress, not enough sleep
tight clothes,                                                               
hormones (having your period)
some soaps and detergents
feminine hygiene products
food additives
yeast infections
and even sex.

Physical and emotional extremes that produce more stress chemicals seem to stimulate the nerves and in turn fire up the herpes virus.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for the virus, but taking steps to decrease the negative affects of the virus will help make your experience an irritant and not the disaster you might think it is.