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Herpes Medication


Also known as Zovirax. Acyclovir has been on the market since 1982. It is used to decrease the pain and the duration of herpes outbreaks. This medication is only partially absorbed by the body and needs to be replenished within the body about every 4 hours, so more tablets need to be taken per day compared to other hsv drug treatments.


Also known as Valacyclovir. For people with frequent herpes outbreaks, this drug is used to decrease the number of future herpes outbreaks as well as reducing the duration and pain of herpes sores.

In 1997 clinical trials long term treatment with Valacyclovir was found to be more effective than Famciclovir at decreasing viral shedding.


Also known as Famvir. This drug is used in hsv treatment as a suppression therapy of the herpes virus for people who have recurrent episodes. The effectiveness and the safety of using this medication for more than a year has not been established.  

Medication Side Effects
Although these medications are well tolerated by most people, side effects such as stomach upset, vomiting, dizziness, hair loss and changes in vision are possible.

If you break out in hives, rash, have difficulty breathing or notice any swelling on your face or body, call your doctor immediately.

These medications do not cure herpes. Current studies have shown these drugs capable of decreasing chances of transferring virus to another person, but not completely.

Unfortunately, the herpes virus can become resistant to these drugs.

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