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80-90% of people in this country carry some form of the herpes virus. That’s most everybody. So, why beat yourself up over the fact you have herpes. It’s really not the end of the world. The virus can be managed and you can have a happy life inspite of it.

True, outbreaks are not pleasant. You’re either walking around with a big cold sore in front of your face or you’re dealing with painful, itchy sores on the other end of your body. You may be embarrassed and/or feeling guilt or shame. You may think, because of the herpes virus, you can never have sex again, never have children and you’re being punished for having sex. None of these thoughts are true.

You can have sex
With precaution you can certainly have sex and you can have it with someone who doesn’t freak out over you having herpes. It may take time depending on whether you’re already with someone or still looking for that perfect mate. Finding someone who wants to understand what herpes involves and doesn’t freak out over it is usually someone that will treat you right in the long run. Herpes could be part of the equation that helps you find that special relationship you’ve been looking for. There are even dating sites on the Internet matching up people with herpes if you want to go that route.

You can have children
Yes, you can have children without giving them herpes. Transferring genital herpes to your newborn is rare. Working with your doctor can decrease the chances of transmission. Most babies of mothers with genital herpes are born healthy. Most of the babies getting herpes are from mothers who didn’t know they had the virus.

You are not being punished
God is not punishing you for having sex. If that is how your church makes you feel, maybe you should consider finding a church that supports you. Anyone who tries to make you feel guilty or ashamed for having herpes does not have your best interest at heart.

Herpes can cause a lot of stress, no doubt about it. But, herpes is a virus you get. It’s not who you are and you will find ways to deal with it so it is not taking over your life. Once you find a regiment (see cold sore treatment, medications and hsv supplements) that works for you, herpes will become merely an irritant you have to deal with and not something you have to think about every day of your life.

There is no cure for herpes, but you can manage it and hopefully put it to sleep for long periods of time so your outbreaks are few and far between.

Herpes and Happiness, Really?

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