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Gratitude can help you ignore the virus within. Being aware of all the good things in your life helps to change the voice in your head from one of critic and put down to one of appreciation and positive self talk.

Filling your day with all the things you appreciate changes the energy that surrounds you. Just think about people you know. There are probably those who are usually in a good mood, quick to say thank you and seem to appreciate nature, animals and everything else good about life on this planet. They’re great to be around. They make you feel good.

Now compare those people with the ones you know that always seem to be in a bad mood and seem eager to criticize everyone and everything and nothing seems to make them happy. It’s draining to be around them. Which person do you want to be?

Even when life seems to suck a bit there are always parts of it to be grateful for; plumbing, electricity, dogs, food, sunshine, roads, lakes, grass, flowers, waterfalls, traveling, sleep, color, cats, shelter, heat in winter, cool water in the summer, rainbows, and the list goes on. Taking time to think about the good parts of life help to dull the importance of the not so great parts of life. As a bonus, you attract more of the good stuff.

You have a choice. You can fill your head with negative, critical, self pity and be depressed because you have the herpes virus or you can fill your head with appreciation for all the positive aspects of living and enjoy your life. So many people already are.