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Perhaps the hardest part of being infected with herpes is telling someone. The stigma attached to the virus, especially genital herpes, can cause people to react in a negative way. Rejection is never fun and when someone is afraid they're going to catch herpes from you it can be humiliating. Putting that rejection in perspective, however, will remove some of the sting.

With the high rates of infection, people who reject you either have some form of herpes they probably don't know about or they've already had sex with people who have the herpes virus, either as hsv-1 or hsv-2. Most people are misinformed about the facts of the herpes virus and their ignorance has nothing to do with you, so you must really try not to take it personally. If someone is not aware they have herpes there is usually little motivation for them to learn about the virus. It will be your task to enlighten them.

Know About Herpes
Do your research. If you know the facts and are confident about the options you have to reduce the chances of transmitting the virus, then you can help the person you need to talk to understand what it's about. As a result it won't be so scary. If, however, you tell them you have herpes and don't know enough about it to answer their most basic questions, they will probably freak out.

Be proud of yourself for rising to the occasion. Feel good about your courage and your consideration for the people you may have sex with. You are being honest. All of this is about who you are and it's all good.

However, If you're having a difficult time with this and you are terrified of rejection from talking to someone you are dating, get help. If you are not feeling good about yourself and feeling comfortable about having the conversation, you shouldn't have it. Chances are you will just scare the other person and the relationship will end. See Herpes and Happiness.

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