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Help to Heal

Aloe Vera

For soothing topical application. May speed up the healing of cold sores if applied several times a day. Reference:


Coconut Oil

Although coconut has a higher arginine ratio than lysine, the oil does not. Place on cold sore and you may add to it’s effectiveness by taking coconut oil capsules as well.

Cornstarch Paste

Mix cornstarch with water to make a paste. Put on cold sore over night. Corn starch neutralizes the acidic levels of your skin making it more alkaline. Herpes thrives in an acidic environment.


Wrap ice cubes or a frozen bag of vegetables in a thin towel and place on your cold sore for only ten or 15 minutes several times a day before the sores scab over.

Lemon Balm Ointment

Lemon Balm cream or ointment is very popular in Europe for treatment of herpes sores. It is thought by many in the research field that lemon balm prevents the herpes from attaching to cells. A large study involving 3 German hospitals found it to be very effective in reducing the healing time of both hsv 1 and hsv 2. Cooled tea bags can also be placed on cold sore. Reference:

Licorice Paste

Mix licorice powder with water or petroleum jelly and apply to cold sore.

Organic Whole Milk

Soak a cotton ball in milk and hold on cold sore.

Home Remedies for Cold Sores